Cosmetic Treatments

Are you happy with your smile?

Our dentists are here to help you get the best natural-looking and healthy smile.

Here are just a few of the cosmetic dentistry procedures that can dramatically improve your smile.

Treatments available include:

  • Natural-coloured fillings, to replace silver fillings
  • Tooth whitening, to brighten your smile
  • Ceramic technology, to replace old crowns and bridges
  • Veneers, to disguise chipped, crooked or unevenly worn teeth.

Tooth whitening

The colour of teeth varies from person to person. Sometimes teeth can get stained, but there are several ways they can be made to look whiter. Lightening them by just a few shades can make a big difference to your smile and give you the confidence you have been lacking.

To find out more about tooth whitening, ask your dentist.


Veneers can be used to improve the colour, shape and position of your teeth. They can instantly improve your smile by hiding discolouration, closing small gaps and repairing chips and cracks. A veneer is a thin slice of porcelain, or a tooth-coloured composite, made to be bonded and fitted precisely over the front surface of a tooth – much like a false fingernail on a nail.

Very little preparation of the tooth is needed. Your dentist will match the shade of your natural teeth and take an impression of the tooth. This will usually be sent to a laboratory where a dental technician will create your porcelain veneer. If you opt for a composite veneer, it can normally be fitted in one visit using the same material used for tooth-coloured fillings. Composite veneers are more prone to discolouration over time, however replacements are easily made.

Veneers can make teeth look natural and healthy, and should last for many years.

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