Patient Testimonials

When you visit Cuckfield Dental Practice, we want to make sure that your experience is a pleasant and enjoyable one. We also want to make sure that the level of dental care you receive from us is of the high quality that we expect our practice staff to deliver.

For this reason, we ask our patients to fill out a feedback questionnaire upon completion of their dental treatment and aftercare. Part of the questionnaire asks for the patient’s comments on our services, and also requests a rating of Cuckfield Dental Practice on a scale of 1 to 10.

Below is a collection of extracts from these questionnaires and comments from patients about their visits to Cuckfield Dental Practice.

Mrs N 4/4/15 (Score 10/10)

“Georgina and Sonia both put me at ease throughout my appointment. I knew what was happening. They showed concern without being condescending and were very professional.”.

Mst M 13/4/15 (Score 10/10)

“Very nice, funny and nice environment”.

Miss P 14/7/15 (Score 10/10)

“Vimal extremely accommodating, gentle and kind score”.

Mrs C 8/7/15 (Score 10/10)

“Dr Vimal was really kind, explained everything well. Excellent dentist”.

Mrs R 12/7/15 (Score 10/10)

“Always very professional and personal care. Thank you to all members of the team”.

Mrs C 11/8/15 (Score 10/10)

“Everything was explained during treatment at each stage, just before each action happened. Excellent skills and technique. Hiten also interested in person and has a charming and gentle manner”.

Miss & Mst B 12/8/15 (Score 10/10)

“Hiten is a very kind person, encouraging and helpful. He is very calm and generally a nice person who makes us want to do as he says!”.

Mrs B 12/8/15 (Score 10/10)

“Hiten has such a great manner with the patients. Puts everyone at ease and shows such care and professionalism”.

Mrs R 7/9/15 (Score 10/10)

“Very gentle caring dentist Dr K Patel”.

Mr H 9/9/15 (Score 10/10)

“Excellent and very good treatment from Emily Stacey”.

Mr H 9/9/15 (Score 10/10)

“Georgina and Sonia are absolutely charming and very aware of my needs”.

Mrs D 2/10/15 (Score 10/10)

“Brilliant, so pleased, so caring and understanding, the results are amazing can’t thank you enough”.

Mr T 14/10/15 (Score 10/10)

“Clear, concise and friendly. Score 8/10 Mrs S 15/7/15 As anew patient I felt very welcomed, and appreciated Georgina’s excellent skills and gentle hands. Good experience as well”.

Mr D 24/7/15 (Score 10/10)

“Dentist and dental nurse very gentle and caring, felt very supported and well looked after”.

Mrs E 5/8/15 (Score 10/10)

“I was very apprehensive but Dr Agi was very encouraging and supportive, just what was required”.

Mrs W 7/8/15 (Score 10/10)

“Very sensitive and caring treatment by Dr Patel and Nurse. Couldn’t be more delighted with the result”.

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